Disabled Lavatory project


DISABLED LAVATORY PROJECT – FUNDRAISING: At its meeting on 2 April, Church Council approved a project to install a disabled lavatory at the ground floor level at the church. Yes, really! Since November a working group has been set up to carry forward the project and is working hard to get all the project communications, facts and figures ready to officially approve it and launch it. While we will officially launch in due time, we want to acknowledge this campaign before Vickie’s tenure comes to an end as she has guided this effort with extraordinary leadership. We certainly encourage everyone to start donating now.  

We have set up a convenient online option using the Diocesan givealittle payment link specifically for the project campaign:  


OR by bonifico: All Saints’ Anglican Church Milano, Unicredit, 

IBAN: IT31 M0200 8016 1100 0100 949 889   

Causale: Disabled Lavatory Project 

(This is a major new campaign which will take time to realise. Should by any chance the project not be realised, your donation will be kept and used for other works of the church)