5 per mille

The Church of England in Italy is entirely self-funding.

The Anglican Church of St Mark’s Florence has set up an ONLUS and as such you can elect, in your tax return form (730/740), to allocate 5/1000 (“5 per Mille”) to them to help support their charity work in India and Africa and elsewhere in the Diocese.

Here are the details you need should you decide to support them:

The English Anglican Church of St Mark’s Florence Onlus
Codice Fiscale: 94169230482

Here is a message we received from Linda at St Mark’s Florence who is responsible for their ONLUS:

“Dear All,
A  GREAT THANKS to all the Italian tax payers who put our ONLUS number on their tax returns. We have just been informed that 51 people
indicated our ONLUS CF and we will receive 5882,88 euro in the year 2009 to be used for Charity. I do hope this encourages more of the
Anglican church as in Italy to set their own ONLUS up.

If you have not got your own ONLUS yet, could you continue supporting
ours please. ONLUS CF: 94169230482.

St Mark thanks you all,
Very best wishes for a joyful Easter,