Support All Saints’

We are so grateful to those who are continuing to support the church financially through regular and one-off donations. Ours is a very special community.

We currently need an annual income of around 80,000 Euros to meet the regular expenses that keep All Saints’ going. We rely on receiving regular donations since All Saints’ is entirely self-funded. Your funding allows us to hold our regular services, tend to our congregation by building community, honoring all the cycles of life, educating all ages about Christ Jesus,  and supporting those in need in Milan.

The most beneficial way you can support our church is through Planned or Pledged Giving. This simply means that you “pledge” to give a certain amount of money to the church on a regular basis, usually monthly. If you wish to do this, please inform our Treasurer through email at

Your details are kept confidential within the Treasury team.

One-off donations and planned giving can be made:

  • In cash, at the Church. Planned givers should ask for sealed envelopes to maintain confidentiality.
  • By bonifico to All Saints’ Anglican Church in Milan using the IBAN: IT31M0200801611000100949889 with the causale: “Donation” for a one-off payment or “Planned Giving” for regular donations.
  • By debit or credit card through our simple e-Giving page found here or through this QR code:

If your circumstances change, you can amend your planned giving at any time through email. Thank you all for the support you give to All Saints’ Milan.

Rupert Dodds