Support All Saints’

In a community like ours, where membership is constantly changing, Planned Giving is absolutely vital for the survival and financial stability of our church.
(Planned Giving simply means that you “pledge” to give a certain amount of money to the church on a regular basis, either in a weekly sealed envelope or by arranging a bank transfer – or RID – from your bank account).

60,000 Euros is what we need each year to meet the regular expenses of keeping All Saints’ going, as well as to guarantee its future, we rely on receiving regular donations since All Saints’ is entirely self-funded and receives no financial help from church or state authorities.

Like a typical household budget, we too have to pay for everything to keep the church running in its present form. This includes the cost of heating, lighting, telephone, printing, choir, music, insurance, maintenance repairs, as well as the Chaplain’s stipend. The overall cost to finance All Saints’ comes to 5,000 Euros per month (which includes having a little extra in the bank for emergencies).

Your support through Planned Giving makes it possible to meet our basic expenses, to balance our budget, and help ensure our ministry can continue. The benefits of this are huge even on the Sundays when you are not present.

If everyone who regularly attends All Saints’ really gets behind the Planned Giving scheme then we will be free from the burden of debt. We will also be able to work on some key aspects of Christian ministry that we just cannot achieve at present, like mission and outreach and charitable giving to those less fortunate than ourselves.

This is not a dream – it can be done! For it to succeed all of us need to work together and support this campaign. It is up to you to decide how much you can afford. Even a small amount on a regular basis can make a big difference to us and our future.

If you want to find out more about the scheme, please contact Daniella Engel at the Church.

Click here to download the Planned Giving form.

If you are an occasional visitor to All Saints’ but value who and what we are, you can still join the Planned Giving scheme if you wish, although you may prefer to consider giving a one-off donation towards our mission and ministry – we will be very grateful.

If you decide to pay by bank transfer, here below is the information you will need to set up monthly or annual Planned Giving with your bank:

All Saints’ Anglican Church Milan
(Codice Fiscale CF: 97553110152)
Unicredit Banca
Via della Moscova 58
20121 Milano

IBAN: IT 31 M 02008 01611 000100949889


All Saints’ Milan has not set up its own ONLUS for a number of reasons. However, for those who pay tax in Italy, you may wish to assign your “5 per mille” to the Anglican Church of St Mark’s Florence (a recognised ONLUS) by completing the 730 – Unico PF – CUD forms and inserting the following Codice Fiscale – 94169230482.