Following your generosity at the year end, I am anticipating a small surplus in 2022, subject to audit. This is after the Church incurred costs of €13,750 on building work, some of which was deferred from 2021 and expenses preparing for charitable recognition in Italy of €3,172. The Church continued to provide worship and pastoral care in 2022, and helped the poor and homeless of Milan, refugees, in particular from Ukraine, and those of us in need. All this is done through the generosity of parishioners, and the hard work of many. In 2023, our costs should be manageable if those of you who contribute continue with the same degree of generosity. I would particularly ask those of you who do not give regularly, though our planned giving scheme, to consider doing so. Just over half those on the electoral roll, and some other generous souls, do this. You can make direct transfers to our bank account through a Bonifico, or donate in cash through our envelope scheme. Details are on the website at 2023, I will be exploring and hopefully developing more payment options.  Your privacy in donating in either of these two fashions is maintained, with only the treasury team being privilege to who donates.Please donate what you can afford. Every donation helps, and regular donations help us plan for the future.If you would like more information write in confidence to Rupert Dodds at