Will take place on Sunday 5 March at 12:00 in church. Here is the timetable leading up to our meeting. Sun 29th Jan to Sun 5th Feb: revision of the electoral roll (see below). Monday 6th  Feb to Sun 5th March: nominations open for 2 Churchwardens (1 year terms)2 Archdeaconry Synod reps ( 3 year terms)3 members of Church Council (3 year terms)1 member of Church Council to fill a previous vacancy (2 year term)Sun 26th Feb : Audited and approved accounts for 2021 will be available on the noticeboard and by email by request. Email allsaintsmilantreasurer@gmail.com   So in total we are looking for 9  nominations! If you think you might be called to one of these roles, do have a conversation with other members of Council or the congregation, who can explain what is involved. Likewise, if you have thoughts about who might be an appropriate person for a role, do speak to that person to get their permission to be nominated. Nominations open on 6th February, but conversations can take place at any time.  People who are finishing their terms are: Ewan Gallie and Lee Kirk Smith, churchwardens. Ewan is not eligible to run again having completed 6 years of service. Lee is eligible, having completed one term of office. Orla Ralph and Helen Downes, as archdeaconry reps. Those completing a term of office generally do not run again without taking a year’s break, but may run for a different office. Julia Holden, Ozioma Onwochei, Florine Postell, Council Members. Those completing a term of office do not run again, but may run for a different office. Remaining members of Council are: Massimo Radice, Melanie Payge, Ester Luconi, Daniella Engel, Rupert Dodds. Electoral Roll Revision: In preparation for this we are required to revise our Electoral Roll (membership roll). The period of revision (in which names can be added or removed) will take place from 29 January to 5 February. If you are regularly attending this church and wish to be on the electoral roll please pick up a form from the churchwardens at the back of church. If you are already on the roll, you do not need to sign up again, but if you have changed your address or email, please let us know. If you need to receive the form by email, please contact Laurapakes@gmail.com